You can understand why when private and public sector organisations must deliver more for less.  That means that personas throughout every organisation must be able to make and execute better decisions. Analytics by itself is only a partial answer. 

Data driven decisions should be better except for the truth that never goes away. It had better be relevant, accurate, current and accessible. Not just internal data but data external to the organisation. Not just structured but also unstructured data. How many HR organisations analyse the freeform comments made by departing employees? Hardly any because it is difficult to analyse.  Ditto the throw-away lines on insurance claims forms.

And then there is the debate about Big Data. I prefer Kenneth Cukier's focus on COMPLETE DATA.  BIG suggests a load of irrelevant and incorrect data. Complete data means the data needed to make decisions.

My biggest gripe, however, is that insights, visualisations are no good unless someone does something. Analytics must be a part of workflows. work processes and embedded in these to help people make & execute better decisions. That requires analytics  with write-back- without this basic functionality you only have a partial solution