McKinsey Pharma report challenges Pharma companies to consider the solutions they must develop as  individuals start to control their own health treatments. This is another case of self-service being an ever more important part of any product, application and solution.

Pharma companies will not only need to source and analyse data from internal and external sources they must also allow third parties more access to trial data. These players are aggregating third party data and making the data and insights available to providers and payors. In the UK the BMJ can enable NHS Trusts combine internal patient data with financial data to link cost and outcome analysis. And then join this with conmparable data from other countries for benchmarking and initiating best practise.

Bi and Analytics platforms that can be embedded in these solutions offer the potential to create world-class pharma companies. If all companies should be software companies, and all applications should be analytics applications then pharma companies should be healthcare analytics companies that deliver analytics to all personas across healthcare communities.