Much commentary on Big Data Analytics is about the technologies sprinkled with use cases to illustrate good practice. Too often we leave out people and particularly C-Level tier who rely more on intuition than data.

Every year the investment in BI & Analytics grows and whilst it would be comforting to think this was because enterprises want even more success. There is a nagging feeling that it is because many BI projects fail and let's try again.

Before investing in new analytics tools it is vital to define what is important to measure and why. In other words what and who will change as a result of the new visualisations, dashboards, drill-down reports? Too often that step is missed and projects run by strategic  planners and analysts fail.

The new generation of self-service Analytics lets line of business people get involved. They can more often articulate what data analysis they need to make and execute better decisions. C-Level guys that take note of that can look forward to successful BI & Analytics projects and move away from gut feel to data driven decision making.