Customer experience will be the primary basis of competition in 2016 which is a salutary thought for BI and Analytics vendors. Looking at their websites they too often focus on sizzling visualisations, that bloated term "big data" or various terms like "data driven decisions" as though data were the driver rather than people.  Too often, people are missing from the equation.

Even when included they have impersonal descriptions like "personas" as if they are data and algorithm driven robots.

One of the missing bits of many BI and Analytics commentaries is the need for common sense based on practical experience, intelligence and an intuitive grasp of what is important. You may term that intuition- the ability to use analytics to make better decisions tempered by an intuitive knowledge of when to ignore them

That is why analytics and BI should not be left to data scientists and analysts. People working in real-life need to have intuitive BI & Analytics tools embedded in their everyday applications whether HR, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, financial services, smart cities and highways- you name it. 

People given the right degree of self-service BI & analytics in a secure, scalable and often multi-tenant enterprise application with the optimal user experience to be a natural extension of normal work tasks.

Then the whole organisation will be better placed to face potential digital disruption by the Ubers of this world.

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