Imagine if you were using a Sat Nav with visualisation and sound 10 minutes behind current location! That's the situation Dr Charles Alessi describes here where a GP Surgery and the NHS has to analyse data which is six months out of date.

Not so much looking in the rear-view mirror as looking at a printout map from a trip last summer to check traffic conditions today!.

So much of the information is also in text -typed in as the GP summarised the outcome of a patient's visit. This is not unlike the insurance industry where 90% of data is locked up in text inaccessible to the insurance company. Yes this traditionally conservative and innovation averse industry is unlocking such data and  combining historic and real-time data both structured and unstructured, internal and external. 

A key plank to increasing service to patients, productivity in healthcare and managing costs is the effective analysis of data for better, faster  and well-executed decision making.  Might be a good idea to look at the company helping the insurance industry achieve these goals

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