Your share portfolios may well have lost value in the last week as markets panicked when China's stock exchange twice shut down automatically as its new "circuit breaker" decided prices were in freefall. 

Like lemmings, investors decided that China's economy was hitting the rocks after all and trading screens everywhere turned red. 

And now "After weighing advantages and disadvantages, currently the negative effect is bigger than the positive one. Therefore, in order to maintain market stability, CSRC has decided to suspend the circuit-breaker mechanism," a statement from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) said.

Which just goes to show that with all the faith in data scientists and predictive analytics you have to add in a good handful of common sense and business acumen. People who know the whole process of their industry/process/markets. Who can over-ride the big data analytics when they are plainly failing.

This is where the value of self-service analytics will play a big part. Self-service analytics on a secure analytics platform practised by competent professionals who work in the real-world where customers and sellers buy, deliver, collect, pay and use products. Who add a good dollop of practical insight, common sense and local knowledge. Sti

A back-up action plan when business process automation and big data analytics goes wrong