24,000 sensors in each of Air France/KLM's A380s.   I wondered about the value just to Air France/KLM from its fleet and the value shared across all operators of all 380 fleets.

Just analysing internal data is not a complete picture; all 380's would give a complete picture for better insight, better predictive analytics. Combined with all customer data and an Aladdin's Cave of Insight beckons. Add in unstructured external data including Social Media.  But then who retains the competitive advantage?

Evolving ECOSYSTEMS could be a catalyst for sharing data. Then you face the thorny question of GDPR- was the data freely given for he purpose now envisaged by digitally transformed enterprises? And the increased focus on the true value and costs platforms like Uber and Airbnb deliver. 

"Many tech titans have a libertarian bent that makes them dismissive of the public sector as a whole. Uber became infamous for simply going into new markets guerrilla style, disrupting first and asking questions later."

Rana Foroohar in Financial Times 19th august 2018.  For the full article see "Platform companies have to learn to share".

Technology is the least of the challenges facing digital leaders.