In the UK local government generally leads central government when it comes to using technology to deliver better services with fewer resources.

I am minded of the sometimes maligned traffic wardens, or CEOs to use official term, who may upset some selfish drivers but do help keep traffic moving for most.

Technology can make sure they are in the right place at the right time to help keep traffic lanes open rather than be of the track and over-enthusiastically issuing penalty charge notices (PCNs).

Technology to help staff quickly see the context of any appeal against a PCN so that they can over-ride unjustified PCNs. On the other hand increase the number of PCNs by just one a day by each CEO can save $100k,  $200k, $400k a year from challenged budgets.

The answers are there for cash-strapped local government seeking to maintain and improve services to residents, businesses and visitors. 

See how Islington Council saved $1,200,000 p.a.