Meeting disruptive technology companies and working with others you see the buzz and innovation. Then you see the cultural stagnation at some blue chip insurance companies to see the other side of the coin.

Yet insurance is the service that allows us all to manage risk- it is central to and vital to the present and future. Well done Swiss Re, Munich Re, Aveva, Direct Line and others that encourage Innovation.  

But there is a double whammy  tide of disruption hitting the insurance industry

First- The problem in hiring the people to plan and implement innovation.

Second- look at another report from the Economist Intelligence Unit Born Yesterday: will Millennials disrupt the insurance industry?" This is not directly about working in the industry ( but insurance companies are hiring from this group|) but Millennials engaging and buying from the industry. 

Shows the changes to behavior, products and  culture that insurance companies must make if they are to be leading service providers to this audience. To do that they must hire similar people to ensure the cultural change to adopt innovation. It's a disruptive double-whammy! Insurtech's disruptive technologies are disrupting the processes and replacing legacy systems whilst disruptive millennials are changing the way people buy insurance directly or via brokers.

The insurance companies cannot achieve that without the insurtech innovators but the latter cannot help insurance companies unless they hire the right people to adopt insurtech. A double whammy of disruption.

There is a middle course that I've seen in practice to be Disruptive without Disruption Worth a look!