Self-service analytics is not all about enabling business users to create analytics, reports and dashboards. It's letting them test the value in real-life use cases and measuring what works and what doesn't. 

The IT team can then incorporate these useful, valued, effective analytics in enterprise-wide BI. It's a win-win outcome for business users and IT- "Virtuous Analytics" as Brian Brinkmann describes it.

For the software vendors that OEM analytics,  users can help define what should be added to the products to ensure "best-of-class functionality rather than features that nobody wants.  That leads to the competitive differentiator for any software vendor so well described by Michael Locke Aberdeen Group.

" A well-conceived addition of BI capabilities makes any ISV solution more attractive and stickier. A stickier solution drives greater adoption and engagement in the underlying solution. Greater engagement drives higher customer satisfaction. Higher customer satisfaction drives improved renewal rates. and the chain of goodness just keeps going..." 

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