Every large civil engineering and construction project suffers from a big, black data hole. The hole where dreaded variations occur- the point at which the contractor states "that's out of scope and is subject to a new statement of work & bill of materials". The customer invariably disputes the bill later stating it never agreed to the variation. Main contractors, sub-contractors and customers are locked in dispute.

Projects can be delayed, go over budget and don't meet original specs. 

IoT sensors streaming real-time data, , combined with the effective use of video and still photos will help bridge that gap. 

The simple use of video and photo data ingested in, say, HPE IDOL Unstructured Data Search & Analytics can make decisions quicker and more effective. Making these part of the Variations Process  by categorising and structuring the data in, say, the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform offers considerable advantage.

Combining the IoT, sensors, streaming data and embedding these in the work flows and processes of large projects would transform the construction industry