Martin Risau states, and who would disagree, that people in businesses expect to access insights with the same kind of ease and user-friendliness we get from all the newer services we know".

To deliver the transformational impact that Martin descries this means that it is not just a small number of analysts and managers that require these insights- it is the whole range, continuum if you like, of users (personas) across an enterprise.

  1. Information consumers typically reviewing KPIs
  2. Content creators that query data, author and share new reports and dashboards
  3. Data Analysts discovering the value in data and testing/sharing new insights.

The first category is well-served by the current choice of agile BI-Analytics applications. The second by a few and the third by only a handful combining  stock, managed reporting PLUS self-service BI. 

Only a handful as it is a challenge to deliver that and with the ease and user-friendliness Martin asks for. An analytics platform that delivers BI & Analytics in a secure and scalable process to all those personas and not just a few. No silos of insight and data but still secure collaboration

Combine a world-class data analytics platform with an embedded analytics platform so that the insight is an integral part of the work flows and processes of each and every user and persona. 

Enterprises and organisations then have a purpose-built Big Data Analytics and BI application