Forget smart cities, smart fridges or wearables & telehealth when it comes to making the most impact on our lives. It will be "headless" devices - chips- embedded in machines and equipment. 

But do NOT forget -

IoT and intelligent devices will still be a major catalyst to even bigger data and IoT analytics that drive the need for big data analytics platforms.

Just don't expect the deliverable outcomes you thought of but rather the hidden and vital apps behind the scenes. Leading to the need for purpose built applications delivering insight to users and personas across the whole enterprise or public sector organisation. 

One factor that links these devices, events, data  and people is place i.e. LOCATION. So look for the growing embedding of Location Intelligence in platforms, enterprise applications and general BI apps.

Bjut a word of warning- don't expect to extract the value of the IoT data unless you have mastered good data management and analytics practice at a more basic level. Streaming data analytics is not for the fain hearted! 

Find and utilise good advice first.