Just as Insurtech is being adopted by innovative insurance companies to change processes, strip out cost AND increase customer satisfaction so will the world of Facilities Management, PPM , Social Housing  etc be disrupted by self-service processes, new platforms and connected devices. 

Take Social Housing- managing tenancies and properties and adopting insurtech innovation. An insurance company today can accept an online accident claim application from a motorist, home-owner or tenant. Instead of asking for a lengthy form filling process they send a web-form which the claimant fills in and which is analysed into structured data- even the free text.

The claimant is then sent a link to use her smartphone or tablet to photograph/video the damage. With the video metadata analysed it gives the insight to process the claim faster and counter fraud better. If necessary, a phone call to clarify matters with the call analysed and stored as part of the application. Get all the facts to make better decisions faster.

Human brain power is used for what it is good at and data, systems, analytics for what they are better at. 

Now apply the same process to social housing- let the tenant take photos, video of the damage,- everything time, date and location stamped so you know it is the right property, and current information.

Take regular videos of the complete property Videos of the complete room(s) and you have before/after and trend information. When repairs are required you have the data to send out to sub-contractors to quote to repair/replace. Let's face it, that's how it works in real-life. The sub-contractor visits, looks round the room, used similar jobs and commonsense and gives a price. Can do the same with the information collected above without having to see the property.

 If necessary phone the tenant to clarify matters and this has the added potential benefit of confirming it is the tenant and not a potential sub-letting of the council property. See the work processes here.

And only exceptionally agree a visit is required saving money and time.

Platforms like that of 360Globalnet  do this today without disrupting the core IT systems. 

And we've not even moved to harnessing the power of sensors, connected devices and the IoT. But already speeded up planned and preventative maintenance, reduced cost and made clients happier