Self-service BI and analytics is rightfully seen as key to bridging the gap between analysts and IT and business users. The latter know what they need to perform better so self-service BI delivered from a scalable and secure platform that IT trust is the answer. IT deliver "stock" managed reporting from an analytics platform and add self-service BI , dashboards and reporting. 

Paul Stanley describes the same principle for insurance company customers. If they can help speed up claims processing by themselves filling in web-forms, adding photos images and video they can gives the data for specialists in the insurance company to make quicker, data-driven decisions. 

It's a win:win relationship. 

The double-whammy is to combine the two; a platform that 

  • transforms and digitises insurance claims processing embracing customer self-service
  • that crowd sources the  tradespeople, contractors and companies to replace and repair bona fide claims
  • with embedded analytics and BI that combines stock reporting with self-service BI.

This model works today with insurance  and is about to be deployed in similar service sectors.

  • Facilities management
  • Planned and preventative maintenance
  • Social housing
  • Outsourced services like cleaning
  • Healthcare
  • The list goes on and on....