Tom Beevers on the confusion in the C-Suite at banks. They don't want to face the fate of Eastmann Kodak which buried the disruptive technology its own engineer built- the digital camera.

But on the other hand they don't want to dismantle the very business model that sustains them- the spread-making business.

They could take lessons from the way certain insurance enterprises adopt and deploy Insurtech. That lesson is that you cannot do so successfully unless they break down silos. It is no good product marketing using big data to plan new highly targeted financial products if Risk Management block the acceptance of resulting new customers.

See this article by Harry Powell at Barclays to see how to combine transformation digitally with transformation of culture. Peter Drucker is attributed with saying  "Culture eats strategy at breakfast" but in fact you need to dine on both. The best Insurtech practitioners have done so as you can see at 360Globalnet