The C-Suite in the finance, banking and insurance worlds see business platforms like 360Globalnet offer innovative ways to increase customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and strip out cost.

To do so requires benefits to both sides of the platform- the supplier(s) and the customers.

Platforms are increasingly changing the face of Facilities Management, Physical Asset Management, Healthcare, Business Services....

The ability to manage efficiently complete business cycles from claim, request or order through to claim settlement, repair, replacement and fulfillment is compelling.

Where customers join in the cycle, e.g. submitting insurance claims forms digitally, being sent links to smartphones to photograph damage, and photograph the repaired/replaced items. In return for srelf-service data input they gain from faster claims processing and settlement.

The insurer gains from having more factual and contextual information to make better decisions more quickly. 

As The Economist states, making a smartphone/tablet  a part of the process time stamps each event, phase, and yields rich metadata to help plan, direct, organise and control insurance claims, cleaning services, nursing-home and care-home visits.

Reducing the number of times a doctor or nurse needs to visit people in care homes but maintaining standards of care. Ensuring hotel rooms are really clean; perhaps more importantly hospital wards. 

Bridging the gap between local government councils ( municipal authorities) and their residents and businesses.