Why would an ISV or SaaS Solution Provider OEM analytics? Why would a software reseller choose one analytics/BI vendor from another The simple answer is to make money.

  1. Increase revenues
  2. Increase margins
  3. Combining 1 and 2 will increase profits
  4. By letting you focus on your core IPR you maintain competitive advantage
  5. Analytics adds more value to your IPR which takes you back to item 1

 Reading reports from Aberdeen Group which discuss embedded analytics. This quote from Michael Locke (Aberdeen Group; "Embedding Analytics in ERP:Key Learnings for the Savvy ISV " April 2014 sums it all up

" A well-conceived addition of BI capabilities makes an ERP solution more attractive and "stickier". A stickier solution drives greater adoption and engagement in the underlying solution. Greater engagement drives higher customer satisfaction. Higher customer satisfaction drives improved renewal rates, and the chain of goodness just keeps going...."

Read the2016 State of Embedded Analytics Report. Over 800 respondents from US and UK . And this is the fourth year so there is trend information to review. This is published by Logi Analytics which Gartner rates as No.1 for embedded analytics so it is a good place to start. 

I recently wrote of the importance of embedding Location Intelligence-. Combine the best of two worlds. I came across Carto which is, I believe, the only Location Intelligence Analytics vendor that offers a similar platform and APIs to embed location intelligence in solutions and enterprise apps. Again, a good place to start. 

All in the good cause of ensuring you have a major competitive advantage which can be translated into market leadership, higher revenues and profits.