Balanced commentary in "Financial News". 

My key takeaway is the fact that some innovative insurance companies are already actively changing the insurance supply chain. 

  • Digitising submission of insurance claims
  • Analyzing the unstructured data in claims forms
  • Combining with the other 80%-90% data internally from letters via emails to X-Rays
  • Getting customers to provide video & photo evidence
  • Mining the rich metadata in multi-media 
  • Real-time video streaming from masts, drones to help better-decision making
  • Adding that data to the overall insight
  • Linking external data sources- Geo-mapping solicitors, body shops, scrapyards, car sales- spotting fraud 
  • Weeding out fraudulent whip-lash claims
  • Settling claims faster
  • Focusing expensive resource on complex claims
  • Crowd-sourcing tradespeople, body shops to repair and replace
  • Quality control and auditing of surveys, repairs & replacement
  • Real-time analytics of processes & all the data from beginning to end
  • Plan, organise, direct and control

Others are lagging; look at the satisfaction ratings and you will see the difference