I have lost count of the number of ISVs that decide to embed analytics into their enterprise apps and make a hash of it. Usually as a result of letting developers build a monster that has everything they think is necessary without asking customers what their priorities are. Result a monster!

Or line of business executives frustrated with the slow response of IT who use revenue budgets to license fancy tools- usually the eye-watering visualisations and create silos of data and insight that cannot be exploited across an organisation. 

Truth is, best to start small and focus on key tasks and processes in which shared insights will yield a significant return quickly. Follow the five tips below and you may be off to a good start.

A company that applies best practise can be found in 360Globalnet- its platform gives you the competitive advantage of an Uber without having to discard all your legacy systems.

An analytics vendor that specialises in embedding analytics in ISV apps or an enterprises application is Logi Analytics

Yes you can start with simple tools- Analytics lego bricks- and build a complete model. But that takes time, great effort and a firm knowledge you are building the right model. Take a leaf out of Lego which sell complete models that can also be adapted/customised.  Prebuilt analytics elements and super-elements. 

Or take a platform like 360Globalnet and out uber your competitors to which you can add/embed the analytics. Still applying the 5 principles below.