Matteo Carbone shares actionable advice on telematics and insurtech innovation. There is a gap needing a technology solution however.

Any parent with a young adult who has an insurance policy tied to & using telematics to "warn" of aggressive, unusual or working driving behaviour tends to be bombarded with "red flags". 

So John braked aggressively, but there is no context to this. Did he brake because a car came out of a side-turning, a cyclist lost control or a child ran in the road?  Given the number of drivers and parent who begin to ignore the red warnings as they are too often explicable suggests there needs to be more contextual data.

Dash cam data for example, or utilising the 360 degree cameras installed in vehicles combined with machine learning to filter out abrupt manoeuvres that are entirely explicable.

The next advances mean combining big data machine learning data analytics technology like HPE's Vertica with insurtech platforms like 360Globalnet and joining insurance enterprise data with location intelligence like that from Carto.