Some timely reminders of the downsides of relying on algorithms particularly in fast changing markets.

I am impressed by platforms that use machine learning to help leaders focus on on people, assets, events where decisions must be made rather than those situations that do not need change.

360Globalnet helping insurance companies focus on potential fraud whilst helping bona fide claimants get claims processed faster. Analysing unstructured & structured data is key to this

Or Carto, enabling enterprises to join & analyse spatial and enterprise data to see the relationships and predict traffic flows, optimal locations and far more.

Or Logi Analytics bringing self-service analytics to people across an organisation to allow operatives and team leaders to combine experience, knowledge to interpret predictive analytics more accurately.

All three bring the power of self-service albeit in a secure, scalable and practical manner that bridges IT and the business user. 

And allow users to embed analytics in enterprise apps and workflows/processes so that users can make & execute better decisions because they don't have to come out of the systems they are using for the job in hand.