Butler plots a spectrum of Business Analytics deployed models from:

  • Data discovery & exploration to
  • Federated decisioning models

Another way of viewing this spectrum is to consider the embedded analytics maturity model from 

  • Simple visualisations and dashboards to 
  • Deeply embedded analytics within enterprise applications & workflows

Butler emphasises that unless analytics are embedded in enterprise applications and workflows you can say goodbye to any significant productivity improvements.

This is a case I have made over time- see "Why all apps should be analytics apps" . For a light-hearted ( but actually insightful) approach to embedding analytics see BAKING IN ANALYTICS

Two excellent examples of analytics vendors that enable enterprises and ISVs to embed analytics are:-

1) Logi Analytics- referred to by Butler as " mature, well respected embedded analytics platform".

2) Carto- creating real value from location-based data integrated with enterprise data and providing embedded and complete spatial data solutions.