The Project Management Office (PMO) of many Construction & Engineering projects is often guessing because of "the big black hole"

A black hole that results in35% of a construction projects costsbeing material waste and reworking. The dreaded word "VARIATIONS" rearing it's ugly head with the costly word "RETENTIONS".

Real-time streaming data  collected by:-

  • Drones
  • Telescopic Masts
  • Video cameras & smartphones

Ingested, joined and analysed in today's agile platforms so that the PMO team need not guess but can see the overall status of a project. Can spatially know the way the project is heading with location intelligence.

The team can manage the project remotely - only being on site when absolutely necessary - saving time and money  When the project spreads over thousands of acres this is vital. The 360 degree view right down to the detail of each subcontracted task. 

This is what analytics should be- a combination of the insights to know how the project stands together with means to make and execute the right decisions.

Avoid the black hole where you have to guess and gain the real-time insights that mean you know and can do.