Dropping data points and visualising the results has sufficed over time for many organisations but until you access and analyse the complexity and richness of location data you will not gain the competitive advantage that location Intelligence offers.

At the very least this means joining and analysing both location and enterprise data- historic and current. 

Real competitive advantage requires looking to the future as well; predictive analytics combining internal and external data sources to explore and find the insights that will make a bigger difference.

You cannot afford to rely on GIS developers or corporate BI to deliver this capability. Life's too short and deadlines too neartro achieve better results. Line of Business and Operational Staff need "self-service" tools that will let them achieve this in a secure manner.

If you were to label this in product terms it might be platform combining  aspects of Tableau or Qlik with MapInfo or ESRI with additional APIs to embed in enterprise systems

So I have been impressed by a company that has achieved this and more- CARTO.

Worth a look and comparison with the traditional GIS vendors like Pitney Bowes-MapInfo  and ESRI. The article below links to a useful Location Intelligence report from Forbes.

You will also find a useful white paper by following this link