Godd IDC paper sponsored by Board International that makes the case for an integrated enterprise apps and analytics solution over "Best of Breed" data visualisation alternatives.

Customer Service already finding benefit of the former approach with Platforms for strategic competitive advantage. Platforms that combine 

  • a closed loop a range of functionality
  • i.e. from customer query/claim/order to customer satisfaction
  •  integrating continuum of self-service analytics to "Augmented Intelligence"
  • the combination of AI & machine learning with human cognitive powers i.e. real people making decisions with the help of algorithms sorting the wheat from the chaff and highlighting where a human must make a decision rather than a machine. 

"Board International" is delivering this integrated capability in the field of Corporate Performance Management

Another approach is to embed analytics in enterprise application resulting in purpose built solutions from aviation to zoos. The number one vendor for embedded general analytics is Logi Analytics  - see Dresner Advisory Services and Gartner. 

There is increasing awareness of the importance of extracting value from Location Intelligence-  extracting value from enterprise and location data as part of wider enterprise apps. CARTO is a leader in this field. 

Of course, there is always the case for deploying a quick and task specific analytics app. Deploy fast but make sure you can grow into more than a single team/business unit approach. 

It is interesting to review the partnership of "best of breed"  analytics with the embeddable and extendable technologies-  the new tie-up between Qlik and CARTO- Qlik Sense & CARTO is worth investigating.

As always it is a case of "horses for courses" and technologies fit different use cases. There is a strong case, however, that purpose built analytics embedded in purpose built apps will deliver more competitive advantage than standalone "best of breed" analytics products.