ISV/SaaS vendors typically face a dilemma and if they don't make the right decision they may decline or die. 

Should they continue to develop their own analytics or OEM and white label a specialists technology? Assailed by mobile apps on the one hand, apps developed on the platform on the other, and struggling to develop their own IPR from nimble competitors. Life's a bitch!

If you do decide to OEM & white label there are stings in the tail to many a choice. They are well highlighted in the linked content to yurbi below. An ISV or SaaS solutions provider has:-

  1. Multiple & disparate databases for each customer
  2. To manage custom database schemas per customer
  3. Establish multi-tier reporting & analytics
  4. To deploy SaaS and On-Premise dashboards, analytics and self-service BI

Yurbi has answers and you'll also find them from Logi Analytics. Depending on the complexity and ambition of your strategy either of these deliver viable solutions.  Information Builders, Jaspersoft and Pentaho are other options when fully embedding BI and Analytics.

Read the Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for BI and Analytics before engaging with any one vendor.