Data silos are not uncommon in large organisations. BI silos are a sign of the times. Combined they are a big challenge.

BI silos are the result of business leaders fed up waiting for corporate IT to give them the insights to make better decisions.

They use revenue budgets to license these visually tempting BI products with data discovery built in. Hey presto! One business unit leader happy

The sting is in the tail however. The enterprise as a whole just cannot join up all the different data and BI silos. That's without even considering the inaccessible data in the legacy core systems of record. You know:-

  • Emails
  • Word Documents
  • Invoices attached to emails
  • Photo & video images
  • Plans, blueprints
  • Diagrams
  • Hand written notes

That is why insights end up as being misleading or even downright wrong.

What's the answer? Here are two options:-

  1. Embed analytics in core apps and systems
  2. Digital platforms that digitally transform work processes

Embedded analytics - see Gartner 2017 BI Critical Capabilities Report

Digital Platforms see- The Platform Revolution