Why the growth forecast from IDC (see below)? "... many organizations are still failing to see return on investment (ROI) (from big data & analytics) despite significant analytics infrastructure spending"

"Can Curated Data Fix The $18.3 Billion Analytics Market?" Bernard Marr FORBES 22 March 2017

You would expect the investment to slow especially after the billions spent year by year to date. Maybe buyers have identified the key reasons ROI disappoints.#

1) Data issues

2) Standalone analytics will always be partial solutions

Data Issues.

Too often business users are taken in by exciting new BI tools and being not terribly data literate suffer unreliable analytics. The symptom is the cry " Your data isn't right!" with a similar response from the slighted party.

Explore this issue and the solutions at "Failing to see desired ROI from analytics & BI?" 

Standalone Analytics

Analytics outside core enterprise apps are a bit like The Emperor without Clothes- look great but no substance. Explore this further at 

"Standalone analytics disappoint- embedded analytics shine".

 Unless these issues are addressed head-on return in investment will continue to disappoint and investment might suffer