The trap of simply trying to improve existing processes.

"Instead of working on separate initiatives inside organizational units, companies have to think holistically about how their operations can contribute to delivering a distinctive customer experience." 

Reference: McKinsey Insight "The next-generation operating model for the digital world." March 2017

Start  anew and imagine an ideal customer journey- from the customer's viewpoint rather than yours. The reward will be to make a leap to greater competitive advantage over competitors that just want to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

In the Insurance world some insurers get it and others don't. See one that does get it:-

 "Allianz harvesting digital dividend" 

Then there's the matter of BI and Analytics; too often these are standalone projects that fail to achieve an acceptable ROI. They should be an integral part of the enterprise or public sector organisation's digital transformation. i.e. embedded in the workflows and applications used by personas across the organisation.

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