But frequently, it is implemented by an insular group beset with cognitive bias and incomplete analytics skills.

"  To avoid this problem, leaders should push their organizations to take a multifaceted approach in analyzing data. If analyses are run in silos, if the outputs do not work under real-world conditions, or, perhaps worst of all, if the conclusions would work but sit unused, the analytics exercise has failed."

Quoted from "Making data analytics work for you- instead of the other way round McKinsey Quarterly October 2016 

The scenario above makes it harder for the CEO who does not treat BI and Analytics as a priority. See "why at "CEOs have a problem with the truth!

One other critical factor the CEO can insist on- insisting that the organisation does not make future decisions based on past perspectives. Take account of them but realise that behaviour and therefore outcomes change.

See "Making future decisions based on past perspectives" to help avoid that mistake.