Compatibility, complexity, sheer bloody frustration. A rigorous scientific study of how a fully connected home can both enable and restrict residents/consumers freedom. Worthy of study by connected appliance manufacturers,  integrators, OEMs, and healthcare and insurance industries and, of course, the individuals in the home.

We often talk about cyber security, risk and protecting individuals and enterprises from the darker aspects of these. This becomes even more important in evolving ecosystems.

Should be a part of strategic planning, strategies and choosing the right partners (personal and business). 

"That’s not just a privacy concern. It also means that those companies can change the product you bought after you buy it. So your smart speaker can suddenly become the hub of a social network, and your fancy smart scale can have one of its key features taken away in a firmware update."

"I thought the house would take care of me but instead everything in it now had the power to ask me to do things. Ultimately, I’m not going to warn you against making everything in your home smart because of the privacy risks, although there are quite a few. I’m going to warn you against a smart home because living in it is annoying as hell."