An app without analytics is like an auto without a dashboard including satnav- you are unable to give context to the events shaping your organisation or the outside world. You cannot make the best decisions and you will drive poorly- probably even dangerously.

That;s why embedded analyticsshould be a critical component of every enterprise application. Allowing employees, supply chain partners, contractors to act on visual and analytical insights. 

  • To predict and anticipate future events good and bad. 
  • To give context to internal & external data; structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
  • To allow all personas across an organisation to have the insights they need in the apps they use

Logi Analytics annual study is an important measure of how the best SaaS, PaaS and other apps vendors adopt and deploy embedded analytics. Here are just a few of its findings:-

  • 92 percent of respondents report an increase in competitive differentiation because of embedded analytics.
  • 95 percent of respondents say embedded analytics has helped them increase overall revenue.
  • 68 percent of application teams are able to charge more for their products because of the value embedded analytics brings.
  • By embedding self-service analytics, nearly 50 percent of respondents have reduced the number of ad-hoc requests they receive—freeing up development resources to focus on other application priorities.

Should be a part of every product manager's planning research.