How well does your digital claims platform work? Benchmark it against the CSF list below and if you fall short look at 360Siteview

"Service design has been one of the greatest disruptive forces in our lives over the past 20 years. Everything from how we shop for food to how we move around cities to how we interact with government has been transformed to put the customer’s experience first."


Critical Success Factors

  1. Let a user do what they set out to do
  2. Be easy to find
  3. Clearly explain its purpose
  4. Set the expectations a user has of it
  5. Be agnostic of organisational structures
  6. As few steps as possible to complete a task
  7. Be consistent
  8. Have no dead ends
  9. Be re-usable by everyone, equally
  10. Respond to change quickly
  11. Work in a way that is familiar
  12. Encourage the right behaviour
  13. Clearly explain why a decision has been made
  14. Make it easy to get human assistance
  15. Require no prior knowledge to use