"·The new breed of IT director will focus on how to get the business using the best tools for the job, and will not be biased in favour of building solutions in house - one IT Director I especially admire frequently says “My job is to build as little as possible” - rather they can focus on data management, connectivity, standards and security, with an increasing chunk of the remainder undertaken by third party SaaS providers."

Simon Yun-Farmbrough Exec Chairman 360Globalnet

Vendors should indeed enable an enterprise to plan and implement a meaningful POC in weeks, measure results over three months and confidently be able to deploy in production when the results prove the business case.

Then an agile platform that lets the business iterate without armies of the vendor's consultants and developers to constantly improve products and services and deliver competitive advantage.

Flexible, agile, intelligent real-time analytics and decision making are all hallmarks of the technology that will help  change the way you run your business