NUCLEUS RESEARCH is a respected source of insights and states that expenditure on standalone BI apps will decline by 80%.

Key reason?

Organisations are turning to single-suite applications on which BI and Analytics are embedded. This means that users across the organisation see the insights to execute better decisions in their day to day dashboards and enterprise applications.

No more having to dip out to a separate BI app and losing track of key tasks and activities.  

The insurance industry is no different whether in giant ERP apps like Guidewire or modern, agile platforms like 360Siteview from 360Globalnet.

Of course, it's of no use having embedded BI unless the organisation can also access, analyse and report & visualise disparate data sources. Make sure you can join structured, semi-structured and unstructured data and analyse the "complete picture". 

You will be well on your way to world-class ERP, CRM and SCM applications with world-class BI embedded.