We are undoubtedly moving towards a symbiosis of man and machine, but a symbiosis where the human aspect is equally central to success. That requires that every persona and every role in an enterprise has the actionable insights to make and execute better decisions.

That cannot be achieved unless analytics are embedded in the users day-to-day applications. How can they make decisions effectively if they have to dive out of the key application to see dashboards, reports and visualisations? They cannot!

Historic, trending and current REAL-TIME KPI analysis of operations, supply chain, customer satisfaction and status. Automatic alerts of deviations and potential problem analysis. In front of operatives, team leaders, managers, the C-Suite. 

Too many sharp, experienced and skilled people on the front line dealing with customers do not receive these insights because they are not embedded in their enterprise apps.

That's why it is good to see this joining of Logi Analytics and J Report. When you get the joint #1 Embedded Analytics Vendors combined it must be for the better (See "2018 Dresner Advisory Services  Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study"

And if you are an insurer see the outcome in 360Siteview. A digital claims platform adopted by major insurers like Allianz with embedded analytics powered by Logi Analytics.

Augmented Intelligence- Combining optimal technology with the intuition and skills of optimal claims handlers (adjusters in US parlance) fraud investigators, PI specialists, underwriters and supply chain management. 

This is the path to effective communications and orchestration of all participants involved in delivering customer delight and at the same time collapsing costs.