Databases used for targeting consumers being used to spot those struggling in pandemic

Technology is always a means to and end. The goal here is to help those vulnerable people suffering as a result of the coronavirus lockdown and the economic recession. 

"But privacy campaigners worry that the practice of scoring and mapping individuals with tools that are opaque and potentially intrusive will continue after the pandemic passes. “Nothing comes for free. Local authorities are lost and under-prepared and [these services] entrench the importance of data sets in government,” said Silkie Carlo, director of campaign group Big Brother Watch. “I think the crisis that we are in will catalyse surveillance and data gathering beyond belief at the central government level and the local government level,” she added."

Cynthia O'Murchu FT 9th June 2020

The other aspect is the number of local and central government agencies involved which requires the oft-touted "joined-up thinking" and, therefore, joined up systems.

Technology companies can provide technology answers but the vulnerable people, government and NGO teams need solutions that answer the wider issues discussed in this article.

Something we are well used to at 360Globalnet with out data and analytics platform 360Retrieve that accesses, joins and analyses internal and external data sources and the wide range of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data spread over the data silos that insurers generally inherit over years of M&A.