"Uberisation" in its broadest reach will change economies, enterprises, municipal government, labour markets. The hollowing out of the jobs market has been a hot topic for some time though missing from most commentaries in the benefits of IoT, smart cities, algorithms and AI and so on... 

Governments are overawed by the massive challenges of migration in Europe, China's territorial ambitions in the Pacific, ISIL and international terrorism to name a few. They are mostly silent about dealing with the digital revolution happening right now. To avoid a future where Humans Need Not Apply for jobs or assets they need to change that.

Tinkering with existing systems of education, social infrastructure, adult re-training and labour re-skilling will not prepare countries or peoples for the technology-driven changes we instigate and face. Kemal Dervis makes a well-timed challenge to " ... build a comprehensive strategy aimed at making markets - and politics- truly competitive, and ensuring that public policy works for the benefit of all".

Of course, it is not just down to governments- it is down to the very technology disruptors that will change the face of work and living. A private and public crusade.