Various studies have shown that the C-Suite, managers and leaders throughout an organisation lean too much towards intuition when it comes to making decisions. 

The Accenture Report below shows how intelligent machines can optimise the quality of decision-making by combining machine-learning, AI and predictive analytics with the unique capabilities of the human brain. Combining logic, intelligent filtering and the brains incomparable cognitive capabilities.

Intelligent machines can help detect insurance, financial and other fraud. But only the human brain can anticipate the latest machinations and capacity to defraud of the skilled fraudster.

Multiple identities, updating profiles to beat scoring systems, and ingenuity will beat often beat intelligent machines. But there is just too much data for the brain to process by itself and all that data is essential.  How can you square the circle?

In the insurance world, one way is exploiting the device most employees and contractors have- the smartphone or tablet- with insurance claims processing so that intelligent machines can check the metadata of video to ensure images purporting to show damage to vehicles and homes were taken on the same, correct time, at the right location. Discrepancies are immediately alerted  avoiding inspectors/underwriters wasting time on fraudulent claims.

Not just insurance though. 

  • Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Outsourced services like cleaning
  • Social and & Children's Services
  • Care homes
  • Hospitals

Analytics combined with collecting data in self-service analytics feeding structured and unstructured data to platforms that include intelligent machines are an essential part of any service industry today.

A combination of the two offers the best way to stay ahead of the game. Combined with using the capabilities of people throughout the organisation and not just analysts and people far away from the front-line. 

Combining intuition with decision support systems to make and execute better decisions. Not just in the C-Suite though but across the enterprise and public sector organisation