As machine sensor deployment spreads like an IoT Tsunami the resulting big data streams offer the disruptive value dreamed of by innovative enterprises. 

In particular the "WHERE" component of analytics. The location of plant & machinery, vehicles, ships, locomotives, aircraft and all the connected components in these assets. 

Adding the "where" component to the what, when, how gives real context to the question "WHY" events happen and therefore predict when they will happen in the future.

The companies that have the means to extract and analyse that value will gain considerable COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. The Dresner Advisory Services Report (see in bottom pane) adds to my comments.

The gold analytics are the location data joined with an organisation's structured and unstructured data. The potential value grows geometrically if the firm can join data from all its stakeholders e.g. across:-

  • Supply chains, 
  • Healthcare chains
  • Government organisations
  • Insurance- & the replace/repair chain
  • Banking & Finance
  • Facilities & Asset Management 
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Utilities & Telecoms

This will require analytics platforms with the:-

  •  inherent ability to join multiple, disparate data sources
  • APIs to be able to embed in the enterprises core apps, systems & workflows
  • Self-service exploration and visualisation for line of business people to explore and share insights
  • Capability to extract structured as well as unstructured data
  • Track record to join location and enterprise data to analyse and predict

I have seen such use cases from solution providers like 360Globalnet, Carto and Logi Analytics. Well worth looking at these to extract and unleash the value of IoT and Location Intelligence.

Look also at my recent article on the "IoIT"- The Internet of Intelligent Things".  

Strategy, tactics, planning for the future- lots to think about and act upon.