Companies with the highest potential to master AI will be the ones with the biggest databases and the richest analytics. The AI future belongs to the ones with comprehensive datasets that draw on historical data to help programs master topics from all angles. With this in mind, first-mover advantage is a real and very powerful differentiator.

  • with CRM & Sales AI
  • Google with enterprise search
  • LinkedIn with professional networks

Same goes for market niches where innovating companies get data search, management and analytics right first. Take 360Globalnet and CSC in the insurtech world.

It tackles the priority to let insurance professionals access and analyse the data that is currently inaccessible but vital in decision-making.

  • Emails
  • Free text in webforms 
  • Metadata in photos and videos

Once that data is opened up, managed and maintained to be analysed effectively, customers can plan to emove forward to the next stage and apply machine learning to wider and complete data sets. That still leaves AI further up the road.