AI, machine learning, Big Data & Analytics are part of the digital transformation changing the value-add from call centres for both customers and enterprises.

It's not just the power of natural language processing (NLP) technologies and speech analytics however.

Video streaming from customers' tablets and smartphones adds context and location metadata to speech.

Location metadata means the full power of location intelligence can be added to the data collected by call centres to analyse trends and add even more value to predictive analytics

 In customer support and "command & control" experts in the call centre can be virtually "onsite" to guide and manage customers and/or engineers, contractors & staff. 

Combined with machine learning analytics platforms like Vertica & IDOL can extract, analyse and learn from real-time experiences.

So it is not just a matter of AI, NLP or big data. Where you start from predicates who you best contact first. 

Technology infrastructure providers like IP Integration know all about customer interactions and how call centres can improve these. 

Digital transformation platforms can add the benefits described above to call centre platforms.

Location Intelligence leaders like CARTO offer the platform & APIs plus self-service analytics to add value to call-centre technologies.