The analytics and BI technology market has seen meteoric growth over the years but like all technology plays eventually the shine rubs off.

Line of Business execs typically drove the growth of Tableau, and for that matter Qlik, licensing. Then you see the "cold light of day" analysis of ROI and it is often hard to prove the value of investments.

When an Economic Intelligence Unit Report states 

"although 70% of business executives rated analytics as “very” or “extremely important”, just 2% are ready to say they have achieved “broad positive results” you know pure technology plays are in trouble. See more at "Damning analysis of Analytics"

It's an old adage but right- 

Enterprises and Public Sector Organisation need solutions not technologies

Analysts like Aberdeen, Gartner, Butler et al, have shown the need for all apps to be analytics apps. That means analytics must be embedded in both the DNA and work flows of enterprise apps. Users across an organisation are then helped to make and execute better decisions rather than seek visual insights in an abstract manner separate to the context of the apps they use day by day.

Add to that the imperative to embrace machine learning, SI and augmented intelligence in decision making and you find  visualisation, mind boggling graphics and data discovery become rather mundane.

The analytics and BI market is maturing and as always the early darlings of the market tend to lose their shine and more substantial solution providers devour them.