You must not take the human out of cognitive computing unless you want a dumb solution.

Mark Palmer makes the point well ( I borrowed his term augmented analytics) as indeed I did describing the ultimate combination of AI, human cognition and analytics 

I will go a step further however. This is not just for analysts

It needs to be made available across the complete spectrum of people that need it. Nurses, doctors, service engineers, healthy & safety inspectors, fraud investigators- the list is endless.

All people that need greater value from BI & Analytics with Augmented Intelligence delivered from a scalable platform piggy-backing the security and user admin models applied by central IT. 

This really increases the value of BI & Analytics because you achieve far more than mere insights. You get to make and execute better decisions.

When I was at Hilton Hotels it would have made so much difference if  "Augmented Intelligence"  could alerted me that revenue per available room (RevPar) was down in a specific group of hotels and the reason needed investigation rather than just being symptomatic of a drop in RevPar across the whole of Europe. 

For that I needed the best visualisation to stand out from the global information assailing me, and then the means to explore the data, test my hunches and decide if we needed to take action or not. 

The so-calledself-service BI in a managed and validated work flow.

  • Validated & relevant data
  • Statistically valid correlations
  • Overseen by data scientists and IT
  • But giving me leeway to apply my expertise