Whenever I read about some success with IBM's Watson I can't but think the name choice was unfortunate( I know it's from the founder...) 

Dr Watson was always the duffer, the gofer, the reliable, slow and somewhat dull antidote to the brilliant Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes was the one with the brilliant brain who could solve a puzzle, find patterns and true correlations. If you're  looking for Intelligence look to Holmes and not Watson.

  • HPE Holmes
  • CSC Holmes
  • Oracle Holmes

I'd love to see someone brand their various services and products under the Holmes umbrella and put Watson and Holmes head to head.

“I have the advantage of knowing your habits, my dear Watson,” said he. “When your round is a short one you walk, and when it is a long one you use a hansom. As I perceive that your boots, although used, are by no means dirty, I cannot doubt that you are at present busy enough to justify the hansom.”

“Excellent!” I cried.

Elementary,” said he.

Oh dear, Watson just Elementary.